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Web Hosting

What Does Hosting Stand for?

Hosting, or otherwise known as 'web hosting', is a name that relates to the actual hosting server, or the web hosting provider that runs the server. A web server is a computer that's connected to the web and that's configured to work with PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc., which allows the customers to upload their website files on the hosting server and to make them visible on the Internet.


Web Hosting Services

There are different kinds of web hosting services appropriate for different sites in regard to the system resources or the website hosting environment they need. To choose the most proper hosting service for your web page, you need to judge what server-side software it demands, how many daily visits you anticipate at the start and in the long run, as well as any other special needs that may need to be answered.


WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is used by millions of Internet users as it is simple and instinctive to use and although it was devised to be simply a blog script, the supplementary plugins spawned by the WordPress user community have developed it into a web tool that spreads beyond a simple blog. Only several examples are the plugins that permit you to set up a catalog and promote products, to do slideshows, or even to include games.


An Explanation of Website Hosting

The cost-free web hosting solution is usually sufficient for personal sites like portfolios or online diaries. A more resource-devouring site, such as a community web site or a corporate web portal, calls for a more advanced website hosting package that offers database support and web application development platforms (including PHP). If you want to establish an e-shop, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) must be supported by the hosting plans provider of your choosing. As of now, SSL certificates are provided by most web hosting vendors.


Hosting Services

Running a web site nowadays is a requisite in terms of sharing personal views, advertising a new business or simply remaining up to date with the newest tendencies. Since e-mails have replaced paper letters long ago and people look for pretty much everything on the Internet, it is a fine idea to run a web page where customers can get informed about you or your business - this is a way to come closer to them, to show them what you think or what you offer. Let's have a peek at what you require in order to launch a website and the different hosting services that enable you to do that.


The Nature of the Website Hosting Business

When picking a hosting package, network uptime is a very vital criterion. The availability of a website is calculated on a yearly basis by taking into account the time when the web site is publicly accessible and reachable on the Internet. Network and service uptime guarantees, should be accurately taken into account when signing up for a website hosting plan. You should check the SLAs and the Terms & Conditions of the web hosting packages provider of your choice in advance. Reading reviews from existing customers is also a pretty logical step before you reach a decision to register.