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Updated: 12-24-2006
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RIAA Pushes Through Internet Radio Royalty Rates Designed To Kill Webcasts - from TechDirt

Unfortunately, this new law / regulation is forcing Radio SunFields to research and re-make our playlists.  So, for now, no more Blues, Cool Jazz or Classic Rock that we grew up with and listened to our entire life.

I guess this is our 'modern version' of the "day the music died".  The big labels have shot themselves in the foots, we have promoted and played their "clients" music for FREE for almost 5 years.  And, since I was a teenager 45 years ago, I have shared and listened to music with friends -- after all, this was the way we 'discovered' new bands in the first place!

"The times they are a'changing" (I hope that is not copyrighted or trademarked or ...) Thanks for continuing to listen while we figure this all out --
                                                             Radio SunFields - George & Chris
   March 5 2007