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Dedicated Hosting Servers

Dedicated Servers

Usually, the hosting providers provide an assortment of architectures to answer the needs of their customers - from a low-end web server for one web page to an extremely avant-garde configuration that can tackle very heavy web pages and thousands of guests at any particular moment. The CPU and server storage space quotas and the database connections can be restricted only by the web hosting server hardware itself.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting web servers are normally much more expensive than shared servers or Virtual Private Servers. Why would anyone, then, want to use them? The answer is pretty simple. If your company has a high resource-consuming web portal, or simply has very specific web server architecture requirements, the most reasonable choice would be a dedicated hosting server.


Dedicated Web Hosting

Informational portals, social networks and video sharing web pages are very popular and highly visited web pages that require a lot of resources to perform. The more visitors a web site is having concurrently, the more resources will be demanded to handle all the requests from the users' browsers and to fulfill them. This is the reason why a dedicated server would be the optimal hosting solution for such pages.


Dedicated Server Hosting

With the dedicated server hosting solution, you rent a whole web hosting server whose system resources will be utilized solely by your web sites. Just like any computer, each dedicated hosting server has one or more processing units functioning at a certain speed, a certain amount of RAM, one or more hard disk drives, and so on. A dedicated web hosting server is in fact a computer with hardware designed to cope with high load and certain software activated on it.


Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Free and Shared Hosting are good for small-scale sites that do not demand a lot of system resources and do not get that many website visitors, but for high resource-requiring web pages with many 1000's of website visitors, a more powerful solution is required. If you need a powerful, leading-edge web hosting solution that can deal with even millions of everyday visits, a dedicated server is your most appropriate alternative.


Dedicated Hosting Server

A dedicated server is a powerful and stable shared hosting service withouy limitations. Whether you will host your own personal sites, or you are a site designer with lots of clients and require server storage space for your work, or you wish to earn some good money by selling the web server disk space to others, a dedicated web server will give you the freedom that no other webspace hosting plan can.